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Anglonerd magazine
is America's geekiest guide to British entertainment. Here you will find which British and Irish comics are touring the U.S., where to get those hard to find British TV shows Stateside, and when in the world is the next episode of Doctor Who on, anyway? Plus, pop science from the U.K., travel lessons from geniuses and idiots abroad, exclusive interviews, and recommendations.

Jaime Pond, editor

The Winter 2016
issue is out now!

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last chance to see stephen fry douglas adams mark carwardine the moaning of life karl pilkington the trip to italy steve coogan roby brydon
the office location ricky gervais wernham hogg jon richardson grows up matt forde


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10 lessons and carols for godless people simon singh
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Winter 2016 issue

winter 2016 issue

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Dave McKean inspired Christmas cards 2015
fawlty towers selfies would i lie to you: what is a candlestick? lee mack
would i lie to you: i once accidentally bought a horse, kevin bridges the trip to italy: do your michael caine, rob brydon, steve coogan


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The A.V. Club

"Another blog by an American (honestly, do us Brits write any of our own TV blogs?), but this time without the infectious, and adorable, enthusiasm. Instead, Anglonerd offers a variety of insights into the bits of British TV that most Americans won’t have heard of, with a bit of a focus on comedy. If you want your British TV knowledge to go further than Doctor Who and Downton Abbey, then Anglonerd is for you, with great write ups of comedians’ and actors’ careers, illustrations of panel comedy shows, and the odd reviews and features."

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