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ben moor
MAR 4, 2015
Q&A with
Ben Moor

Writer and actor Ben Moor talks writing process, science, and the future!
anglonerd magazine  
Anglonerd magazine is America's geekiest guide to British entertainment. Here you will find which British and Irish comics are touring the U.S., where to get those hard to find British TV shows Stateside, and when in the world is the next episode of Doctor Who on, anyway? Plus, pop science from the U.K., travel lessons from geniuses and idiots abroad, exclusive interviews, and recommendations.

                          Jaime Pond, editor 

dr chiara mingarelli
MAR 24, 2016
paterson joseph
APRIL 23, 2016
How to Explain Black Holes to Children
From books and websites for kids to TV shows and web video for adults, who has the best advice for explaining big concepts to tiny minds?

daniel mays
MAY 2, 2016
billy connolly
MAY 4, 2016

Daniel Mays Talks Line of Duty

"We must stop meeting like this on the third series of hit BBC cop shows!"

  High Horse

Billy Connolly comes to New York City with his strings of looping narratives and practical joke advice.
andrew scott
MAY 9, 2016
  bridget christie
April 18, 2016
  john cleese
May 11, 2016
My Life in Film

Remember that one time Kris Marshall, Alice Lowe, and Andrew Scott did that awesome TV show together?
  A Book for Her

One fart in a bookshop leads Bridget Christie to embrace feminism in comedy.

  8 Things That Did or Did Not Inspire Mr. John Cleese

From Cleese's memoir So, Anyway...

JUNE 15, 2016
  murder mysteries by neil gaiman
JUNE 1, 2016
  white face, dark heart
JUNE 6, 2016
Kevin Eldon Will See You Now

Anyone who's seen British TV knows Eldon is a busy guy, but the wait is over. Eldon will see you now.

  Murder Mysteries

Remember the time when Michael Emerson (Lost, Person of Interest) starred in a noir-style radio drama about angels, written by Neil Gaiman...?

  White Face, Dark Heart

Comedian Stewart Lee travels to the American Southwest to see the koshare, the mysterious Pueblo clowns.

ben moor
MAR 2, 2016
  nick frost
MAY 16, 2016
 See Also
Each of Us by Ben Moor  

Anglonerd's #1 best book read in 2015

In this comedic novella, the narrative gene, a piece of biological sequence that harbors the human soul, has just been discovered.


Nick Frost, Miranda Hart, and Kevin Eldon starred in a comedy science fiction show about extending the British Empire across the universe.

stewart lee
JUN 8, 2016
The Perfect Fool

Stewart Lee's mad-cap novel about unlikely heroes on the hunt for the Holy Grail in the American Southwest.

jimmy carr
MAR 28, 2016
Funny Business
Mainstream British comic Jimmy Carr comes to the U.S. with his latest standup show, also now available on Netflix.
noel fielding
MAR 21, 2016
An Evening with Noel Fielding 

Guest writer ZiZi reviews The Mighty Boosh's Noel Fielding live in New York City.

mad dogs us
APR 6, 2016
  cumberbatch as islington
APR 4, 2016
  richard herring
APR 1, 2016
Mad Dogs U.K. vs
Mad Dogs U.S.

Anglonerd is the first to admit that both the original and American remake of Cris Cole's dark comedy drama are equally good, but what are the big differences?
  A Geek's Guide to Islington

From Hotblack Desiato to Benedict Cumberbatch as Angel Islington.
  Richard Herring's Guide to the Future  

The weirdest crowd funding method you've seen yet. And it worked! Richard Herring's web sketch show AIOTM will be revived, thanks to generous fans.

Doctor Who

9 Ways Doctor Who's Heaven Sent Was Vincenzo Natali's Cube  >>>

The League of Gentlemen in Doctor Who  >>>

Doctor Who: Hell Bent  >>>

chris addison
April 11, 2016
MAR 11, 2016
  sally phillips
JUNE 13, 2016 
7 Things You Didn't Know About Chris Addison

From sweaty cheeses to getting short-listed as the next Doctor.
  Gef by We Are Goose 

1930s rural legend the Dalby Spook, a.k.a. Gef the Talking Mongoose, is immortalized in these lyrics by comedic music band We Are Goose.

  Then & Now: Cluub Zarathustra

Did you know there was a 90s comedy night where creator of The I.T. Crowd did Kraftwerk spoofs, writer of Borat turned into monsters, and Tinky Winky acted as a caveman in pink, furry pants?

joel fry
MAR 7, 2016
  jessica hynes
MAR 14, 2016
  sam leifer
MAR 9, 2016

A laddish sitcom about friendship, sex, and the search for Ancient Rome.
  Twenty Twelve 

The sitcom telling the hopefully fictional shambles of the London Olympics celebrates its fifth birthday.

  Q&A with Sam Leifer 

Plebs creator gives on-set anecdotes, discusses the real Ancient Rome and sacrificing everything for the joke.



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