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I'm New Here--
Can You Show Me Around?

Live show hosted by Maeve Higgins and Jon Ronson
  International Waters Podcast
A U.S. vs U.K. audio game show on the Maximum Fun Network

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I'm New Here
Brooklyn, first Tuesdays
Neil Gaiman
Fall 2014 U.S. Events

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Torchwood: Miracle Day


You can see them to capture that old way of using flashbacks to establish character traits meant to move us. We’re privy to a never-before-seen sequence of Jack’s affair with a God-fearing immigrant fresh off Ellis Island, but what do we really learn about Jack that we didn’t already know? It isn’t exactly the same as revealing he has a daughter and grandson, or that he still visits an old (literally old) girlfriend, or even that he was a carny freak. No, it’s just there to introduce “the three families,” a villain that turns up right at the end to explain everything away.

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eternal law 
Eternal Law
plus one 
Plus One

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jon richardson 
It's Not Me, It's You!
  josie long
Romance and Adventure

going out 
Going Out Live
LEE MACK - Standup DVD
  eddie izzard 
Dress to Kill


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the trip to italy

The Trip to Italy


They state at the beginning of the film that they are going to try not to do impressions throughout the trip, but naturally, that doesn’t last long. Brydon in particular spends more than half the series in other people’s voices, and Coogan can’t bear to stand by and not try to out-impersonate his traveling companion. If you think that the second edition of Michael Caine impressions floating around the internet when this sequel was announced is the height of the series, just wait until the Alanis Morsette sing-alongs, Tom Hardy doing voice over commercials, cannibalism, Woody Allen impressions, and a glass-encased Mount Vesuvius victim with a small man in a box voice.

invention of lying 
The Invention of Lying

This is a tricky movie to review. The first half is pretty much what you expect the movie is going to be. It’s going to be a rom-com with Ricky Gervais trying to win the affections of Jennifer Garner. It’s going to be about his success in the film industry and his invention of fiction. But when the second half becomes about religion, it does make you wonder whether this is brilliantly crafted atheist propaganda, as some claim, or just religion through the lens of someone who genuinely believes that religion wouldn’t exist if lying didn’t exist, as Gervais claims.


simon jones
Simon Jones talking Arthur Dent
Audio Interview

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terry pratchett VIDEO
Terry Pratchett
talking Doctor Who 
paterson joseph AUDIO
Paterson Joseph
talking Neverwhere
ricky gervais VIDEO
Ricky Gervais
and Elmo

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Dress to Kill
by Eddie Izzard
  News from the Squares
by Robert Llewellyn
on BBC America

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Comedians to play darts for Comic Relief / US gets its own Red Nose Day / Rob Brydon to host BAFTA Britannias / Sir Ian McKellen cast as Mr. Holmes / Episodes gets 3 Emmy Nominations while Sherlock gets 12 (and won 3) / Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran bring non-native English speaker comics to the Fringe / Tim Vine wins best joke of the Fringe Festival for second time / Orphan Black renewed for third season / Rhod Gilbert installed as permanent host of Nevermind the Buzzcocks / Eric Idle records Infinite Monkey Cage theme song / BBC America launches new Intruders Tumblr blog / Monty Python (mostly) Live! / Sherlock Christmas Special announced / Stephen Fry to receive Making a Difference Award (Oct. 11, Denver) / Bill Bailey plans sketch show / Mustard magazine available on iPad / Freema Agyeman and Naveen Andrews cast in Sense8 / News from the Clouds gets fully funded on Unbound / Nathaniel Metcalfe gets new website /  Russell Howard signs 42-episode deal with Comedy Central UK / Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright plan new film

All new episodes of The Infinite Monkey Cage podcast, season 10 now available

The Zero Theorem in US theatres Sept. 19

The Oberon Book of Comic Monologues for Women by Katy Wix published Sept. 9

Episodes 1 & 2 of Intruders on BBC America's YouTube channel now available

It's Not Me, It's You! by Jon Richardson

The Escape Artist starring David Tennant (region 2/PAL) 

Tuesday (region 2/PAL)



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