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Sherlock Christmas special airdate announced: Jan. 1, 2016, also with cinema release

Stephen Merchant and John Krasinski co-creating cartoon for Adult Swim

Edgar Wright and David Walliams creating Shadow animated film for Dreamworks

Johnny Depp to star in Edgar Wright film adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Unfortunately the Milk

Eddie Izzard Force Majeur U.S. tour part 3

Noel Fielding U.S. tour

Brooklyn Academy of Music listings:

*Paterson Joseph in Sancho, December 2015
*David Tennant's in Richard II, March 2016
*Rupert Everett in The Judas Kiss, May 2016

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"Another blog by an American (honestly, do us Brits write any of our own TV blogs?), but this time without the infectious, and adorable, enthusiasm. Instead, Anglonerd offers a variety of insights into the bits of British TV that most Americans won’t have heard of, with a bit of a focus on comedy. If you want your British TV knowledge to go further than Doctor Who and Downton Abbey, then Anglonerd is for you, with great write ups of comedians’ and actors’ careers, illustrations of panel comedy shows, and the odd reviews and features."

TV Mix

The name's Pond. Jaime Pond.

Anglonerd magazine is a site for Americans who love nerdy British television and British (and Irish) comedy. You'll find where to get those hard to track down TV shows, British comedians touring the States, American release dates of British films, British TV on American networks, and much more. Anglonerd is more reviews, recommendations, cartoons, and exclusive interviews than it is about entertainment news, but do check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for up-to-the-minute (all right, week) news because we like to repost/retweet others' news stories. And by "we," I mean me.

Hi, I'm Jaime Pond, New York anglophile and nerd. Have a question? Email me at

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10 People You Didn't Recognize in Black Books
Anglonerd Holiday Gift Guide 2015

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Rebecca Front
Kevin Eldon is Titting About

Standup comedy DVD

susan calman
Lady Like, Susan Calman
Richard Herring: The Headmaster's Son
Scrotal Recall

Friday Night Dinner

The IT Crowd


15 Storeys High


Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell 

10 Things You Didn't Know About Red Dwarf 

  Orphan Black Season 3 Review   The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio drama   Moon, the debut film by Duncan Jones


Tim Vine
So I Said to this Bloke

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Go Mr. Tony Go!

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More 9 Lessons and Carols for Godless People

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Talks Funny, Live in London

Jon Richardson

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The Very Least Worst of Robin Ince

The Alternative Comedy Experience, season 2

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Tim Vine Live

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Live in New York City
April 2015

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If You Prefer a Milder Comedian, Please Ask for One EP by Stewart Lee

The Man in the Rubber Mask by Robert Llewellyn

We Have a Good Time, Don't We? by Maeve Higgins

The Eddie Izzard Story

May I Have Your Attention, Please? by James Corden

Robin Ince's Bad Book Club

Curious by Rebecca Front

It's Not Me, It's You! by Jon Richardson

Small Man in a Book by Rob Brydon

Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

Mack the Life by Lee Mack

Recordings of British comedians on YouTube
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Top 3 Best Nerd-Drama Season Finales
5 Best Family Moments in Red Dwarf
5 Most Dangerous Things Karl Pilkington Did Before An Idiot Abroad
14 Weirdest Musical Moments in British Comedy

10 British Actors Playing Americans
6 British Characters in the Whedonverse
8 British Characters in the Lostverse
10 Shipboard Computers

Fierce Creatures
A Fish Called Wanda

In the Loop

The Imitation Game


Attack the Block


The Up Series

A Long Way Down

Revenge of the Mekons

"Particles of raw inspiration sleet through the universe all the time. Every once in a while one of them hits a receptive mind, which then invents DNA or the flute sonata form or a way of making light bulbs wear out in half the time. But most of them miss. Most people go through their lives without being hit by even one. Some people are even more unfortunate. They get them all."

Terry Pratchett

Quotes    Douglas Adams    Eddie Izzard    Karl Pilkington    David Mitchell    Brian Cox    Tim Vine


The Infinite Monkey Cage

Professor Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince host the comedy popular science panel show on Radio 4, with an extended podcast version on iTunes.

It's the End of the World and You Still Have to Queue at the Post Office

Don't Worry: It's Only the End of the World

Your Favorite Actors in the Roles You've Never Heard of

Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (RHLSTP)

Producer Fails to Set World Record After Choking on Grapes

The Ricky Gervais Show on Xfm

Richard Herring Applies to be Pope, Baba Brinkman Raps Beowulf

10 Lessons and Carols for Godless People

The End of the World is Nigh

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Live in Concert

Podcasters Fail to Ever Talk About What They Intended to Talk About

Cosmic Shambles

Dirty Woman Discovered to Be Royalty, Lazy Biblical Figures Prevent Apocalypse

Neverwhere and Good Omens radio dramas

Surprising Facts About Comedians and Mental Health in the Wake of Robin Williams' Death

Tears of a Clown

New Evidence Suggests British and American Peoples Know Nothing About Each Other's Pop Culture, Nor Indeed Their Own

International Waters

Skint Woman in Glasgow Straddles Line Between Indie and Mainstream

Romance & Adventure

Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything Finally Calculated after 7.5 Million Years

Character Invasion: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Danish Astronomer Tycho Brahe Comes Back from the Dead to Recount Fatal Tumble of Drunk Pet Elk on Stage in Small Camden Comedy Club

Lost Treasures of the Black Heart


Hapless Klutz Falls for Chef Next Door


Pretty Doctor Can't Decide Between Sleezy Co-worker and Man in Coma

Green Wing

Bookstore Owner Made of Cigarette Smoke and Dust Is Everything You Wish You Could Be

Black Books

Welsh Girl Gets Engaged for Sixth Time

Gavin & Stacey

Flatmate Does A-Typical Poo in Front of the Boss he Fancies

Peep Show

Lazy Man Spends Seven Years Trying to Woo His Landlady Slash Best Friend's Sister

Not Going Out

Woman Invites Ex-Boyfriend to her Wedding. Ex-Boyfriend Eats a Twix.

Plus One

Irish Boy Has Useless Imaginary Best Friend

Moone Boy

Being an Innercity Preacher is Hard


Psychopath Hairdresser Fakes Husband's Death to Steal Husband of MS Sufferer

Nighty Night

The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar

Casting Canton(s) in Doctor Who

The story behind Mark Sheppard and William Morgan Sheppard getting cast in Doctor Who  

Doctor Who Premier in New York 2010

Transexual Space Invader Falsifies Digital Afterlife

Dark Water / Death in Heaven

What They Don't Want You to Know about Childhood Lonliness

In the Forests of the Night / Fear Her

Foreign Man Scares Away Aliens by Delivering Long-Winded Speech

Flatline / The Eleventh Hour

News Species of Spider Discovered!

Kill the Moon / The Runaway Bride

Schools Cracking Down on Background Checks After Hiring Unqualified Staff Leads to Attacks

The Caretaker / School Reunion

Sci-Fi Scriptwriters Try Hand at Writing in Other Genres

Time Heist / Hide

New Evidence Suggests Cockroaches Are Not the Only Species Strong Enough to Survive Apocalypse

Listen / Midnight / Night Terrors

Fictional Characters Come to Life in New Roboworld

Robot of Sherwood

Oversized Pepper Pot Seeks Redemption After Lifetime of Genocide

Into the Dalek / Dalek

After Crew Death, Robots Continue Work on Time Traveling Space Ship

Deep Breath / The Girl in the Fireplace

Old Men Attempt to Recapture Youth

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

Manchester Professor Annoys Extraterrestrial Physician

Professor Brian Cox in Doctor Who

Man Purges Memory of Alter Ego

Day of the Doctor

Spending Doctor Who's 50th with Gaiman, Palmer, and Darvill

Doctor Who FAQ Excerpts

Terry Pratchett on Why David Tennant is the Best Doctor

Americans, too, Hide Behind Sofas

Dave Hill Talks Doctor Who Special Effects

Mitchell & Webb Play Unoriginal Characters in Poorly Thought Out Dinosaur Adventure

Robots: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Woman Hallucinates Soufflet

Asylum of the Daleks


Complaining Man Learns About Babies, Money, and Marriage

The Moaning of Life

Anal Man Learns About Babies, Money, and Marriage

Jon Richardson Grows Up

Housesitter Traces Steps of Housesittee Through Jungles Decades Later

Last Chance to See

Man Sleeps in Car After Feeling Guilty for Being an Asshole About Spoons

A Little OCD

You Can Fit All the Gold in the World into Three Olympic Swimming Pools

Wonders of the Universe

Irish Comedian Scolds Some Cows

Something to Ride Home About


5 People You Almost Didn't Recognize in Spaced

5 British Characters in Nerdy American TV Shows

5 Best Identity Crises

Richard Herring's Obscure Watch List

5 Best Standup Bits

6 British TV Locations

5 Most Emotional Near Death Experiences

5 Villains

7 Policewoman Officers

5 Teachers

4 Angels

7 Thoughts about Neil Gaiman

5 Favorite Prof Brian Cox Moments

Top 10 Light Entertainment Christmas 2013 Moments

paterson joseph
Paterson Joseph

What ever happened to the Marquis de Carabas' amazing coat?

The Hunt for the Mayor of Smoochyville

Chris Wade

Arthur Dent Based Largely on Douglas Adams Himself

Simon Jones

Timelord Rock Sweeps Internet

Alex Day

Talking Frank About Frank with Creator of Frank

Jon Ronson

Help! I'm Trapped in a Movie

What Terry Pratchett Means

Fawlty Towers Turns 40 with Selfies

The Incomplete Map of the Cosmic Genome

Subscription-based comedy/popular science online video magazine

BAFTA-winning vampires licks face of future alternative comedy star

Fist of Fun season 1

The Michael Imperioli Remake of a John Simm/Philip Glenister TV Show that Isn't Life on Mars

American remake of Mad Dogs

How to Make Tea

Sitcom Finales  

Not Going Out, Miranda, Derek

Why is David Tennant the best Doctor?

Your Questions Answered Part 1

Hollywood Shambles in Space

American remake of Red Dwarf

The Hamster does Standup

Behind the scenes of Richard Hammond's Crash Course

The Everybody Loves Remake that Never Was

Behind the scenes of The Smiths pilot

Rear Window Parodies

Men of the World, My Life in Film

Was Louis Walsh Right?

The Pronunciation of Ricky Gervais' Name

teve Coogan Not at the City Winery

The Pronunciation of Ricky Gervais' Name

I'm New Here

Brooklyn comedy/literature variety night

eeting Simon Pegg

at Strand Books in New York City


Man Bites Lid off Apple

Jon Richardson, Funny Magnet

Woman Attempts Theft of Comedian's Clothing During his Act

Lee Mack, Going Out Live

Comedian Organizes Secular Variety Show to Prove Atheists Don't Have Grudge Against Happiness

9 Lessons and Carols for Godless People

New DVD Suggests Alternative Comedy is Man Chucking Slices of Bread at Audience

The Alternative Comedy Experience, season 1

Comedian Goes on New York City Vacation with Sole Jacket Potato

Rhod Gilbert Live 1-3

Man with Trash Bag Does Comedy

Norman Lovett, Outside the Box

Higgs-Boson Discovered Between Science Comedy Recording and its Commentary Recording

Robin Ince, Happiness Through Science

This Is What Having a Breakdown Looks Like

Robin Ince Is as Dumb as You

Americans Can Survive In Europe by Saying "Shaggy and Scooby"

Eddie Izzard, Dress to Kill


BBC America's Clone Show Emphasizes Family and the Importance of Writing Women Well

Orphan Black

Time-traveling, Comatose Cop Sent into David Bowie Soundtrack

Life on Mars

Different Time-traveling, Comatose Cop Sent into Different David Bowie Soundtrack

Ashes to Ashes

Soup Vending Machine Repair Man Stranded in Deep Space with his Cat

Red Dwarf

Man with Pterodactyl Recruits Welsh People to Fight Aliens


Earthlings Land on New Planet and Surprisingly Don't Get Along with Locals


God Mails Nuclear Bomb to Lovestruck Angel

Eternal Law


Four Frenemies Keep Getting Goats Thrown in their Pool

Mad Dogs

Minister Hides in Closet from Communications Hell Hound

The Thick of It

The London Olympics Is Probably Not Going to Happen

Twenty Twelve

Misfits Take Advantage of Elderly Care Home, Find Redemption


Russian Doctor Regrets Getting Addicted to Morphine

A Young Doctor's Notebook

Competitive Comedy Actors Eat Food Abroad

The Trip to Italy

Ridiculous Private Detective Finds Lost Cat. Also, Time Travel and Robots.

Dirk Gently


Spaced Creator's Sketch Show Pretends to Have Plot


Guest Stars and Audience Members Become More Famous than Sketch Show Stars

Fist of Fun

Not Everyone's Called Ben

It's Kevin


Jesus Hallucinates Walking Corpses

The Ruling Class

Pop Star Discovers He is his Father
but not in a weird, ouroborus sort of way

Lennon Naked

Top 7 Shaun of the Dead Parallels

The World's End Could Almost Have Been Written by Douglas Adams

Man Waits Whole Life for Unimportant Phone Call

The Zero Theorem

Child Outsmarts Pirates, Elijah Wood Wants Some Cheese

Treasure Island

Tim from The Office Doesn't Get Tea After the Earth Explodes

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Disney film

Widowed DJ Breaks into Radio Station to Air Songs that Are Not on the Approved Songs List

Alan Partridge

Snub-nose Liar Becomes Parallel World's Moses

The Invention of Lying

Laundry-phobic Man Sets Fire to Flat After Drying Socks in Oven

A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Juggler Runs Away from the Circus to Join Real Life


Fan Reveals Why He's Been Carrying an Arm in a Box the Whole Cruise

Cruise of the Gods

Man Beats Other Man to Death with Big Stick After Girlfriend Refuses to Pick up her Dog's Poop


More Films Should Begin with David Mitchell Cutting off Someone's Head


Grave Diggers Turn to Serial Killing When Cops Tighten Cemetery Security

Burke and Hare

Superstar Policeman Has Never Seen Bad Boys II

Hot Fuzz

Uninspired Librettist Disguises Old Stories in a Kimono


Movies with Accidental Death Theme

A Film with Me in It and Dead Bodies

Tuesday vs. The Bank Job
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